On the Wings of a Dream Blog Tour!

Hello everyone! Today I am helping Enni spread the word about her new blog On the Wings of a Dream! I will be interviewing her and showing you some pics!

Here are some pics:

**All pictures/graphics are credit to Enni. I am using them only for advertisement purposes and I have permission**

Her beautiful header!

And don’t forget to swap buttons with her

Now onto the interview!

Hi Enni, so why did you switch from Hooves and Pens to On the Wings of a Dream?

Hooves and Pens – although I love the name – wasn’t really fitting my posts anymore. I also just wanted a fresh start – if you know what I mean.

Did you design your blog, or did someone design it for you?

I designed it myself using flowers from Angie Makers and also the design website PicMonkey!

What do you hope to post on this new blog?

Photography, writing, drawing, ramblings…..

Do you like photography?

Yes, totally 😉

Will you be accepting awards/tags?

Hmm…probably! Another reason I wanted to move: I literally had 50 tags and awards that weren’t done.

Will your dolls be featured on your blog?

Yes, I think so!

And now, what you all have been waiting for, the url to this wonderful new blog!


















Well, I hope you have a good Tuesday, sorry this post was rather short!

Sign off 2



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