The Penderwicks At Last {Book Review}

ATTENTION: This Post Has Some Spoilers In It, Read At Your Own Risk!

Hello everyone! A few weeks ago the last Penderwick book came out: The Penderwicks At Last. I’ve really enjoyed all of the other Penderwick books before, and actually did a review of one here. So as you might have guessed, I was super excited to find out what eventually happened to the girls, and though I was a bit disappointed, this book had a great ending! 😀

The Penderwicks At Last

Book Review1Book Review1

(via the publisher)

The finale you’ve all been waiting for: The Penderwicks at Last is the final, flawless installment in the modern classic series from National Book Award winner and New York Times bestselling author Jeanne Birdsall!

Nine years, five older siblings, a few beloved dogs, and an endless array of adventures–these are the things that have shaped Lydia’s journey since readers first met her in The Penderwicks in Spring.

Now it’s summertime, and eleven-year-old Lydia is dancing at the bus stop, waiting for big sister Batty to get home from college.

This is a very important dance and a very important wait because the two youngest sisters are about to arrive home to find out that the Penderwicks will all be returning to Arundel this summer, the place where it all began. And better still is the occasion: a good old-fashioned, homemade-by-Penderwicks wedding.

Bursting with heart and brimming with charm, this is a joyful, hilarious ode to the family we love best. And oh my MOPS–Meeting of Penderwick Siblings–does Jeanne Birdsall’s The Penderwicks at Last crescendo to one perfect Penderwick finale.

Book Review2Book Review2

Honestly I was kind of disappointed. I loved how the POV was from Lydia (the youngest sibling) and how she became friends with Alice, and how she organized the wedding. But I think that this book altogether should have been more about the older Penderwick sisters.

Another thing that I was really, really disappointed in was who was getting married. I knew that Skye and Jeffery wouldn’t be getting married. But I was really, really, really hoping that Batty and Jeffery would get married even though it was hinted that the two would get married later. So the sister and her fiancé who were originally planning on getting married were Rosalind and her long time love 😛 Tommy Geiger. Like what? Tommy’s never been to Arundel before! They are like 27, they should have been married a couple of years ago, and perhaps have a kid. Skye should be off studying the stars. It should be Batty and Jeffery getting married.

Then there was the whole ordeal with Skye and her Czech boyfriend Dušek. WHAT??? Is this a modern day copycat of Little Women? RIDICOULOUS! They just decide to get married? The author was just trying too hard.

And then the double wedding business. Personally I wouldn’t want to have a double wedding with my sister (we are 14 months apart) but the idea actually made the book interesting, even though the Skye and Dušek part was just ridiculous. XD

The wedding. I mean seriously, their was no detail whatsoever about the wedding. Ok, I mean there was all the preparations and such, but then the wedding was literally skipped.

Ben, sweet Ben, is now a snooty teenager, who only cares about making movies, and making Lydia the “bad guy” (or rather girl) XD in them. I also think that Lydia was a little immature for 11, I think she should have been 9 or so.

After reading this horribly long explanation you might not want to read this book, or maybe you do, out of sheer curiosity. So to calm your mind I’ll give you some facts about what I DID like. 🙂

  • I liked how Jane was in the book, and how she was dreaming of becoming a published author and wasn’t getting married until she did.
  • The POV of Lydia was very interesting to read, and I liked (as I said above) how she becomes friends with Alice. Cagney’s daughter.
  • I loved how Mrs. Tifton kept showing up at random times during the preparations and how she was so set on having Jeffery marry a girl name Marlene, and strictly not any of the Penderwick girls. XD 😛
  • The whole Wesley part was interesting.
  • I liked how the author started the series in Arundel and ended it in Arundel 15 years later.

Hopefully that convinced you to read this book, because even though I was rather disappointed with it, I still really enjoyed it, and would recommend it! 🙂

Book Review3

Overall I thought the plot was a little slow. Sometimes (especially when Lydia was out exploring) it felt like you had to keep taking breaks to stay interested. However, the preparations for the wedding and when Mrs. Tifton showed up, were interesting! 😀

This book was also shorter than The Penderwicks In Spring, but to me it felt long enough and detailed enough without the extra length.

Book Review5
Book Review5While this wasn’t my favorite Penderwick book I enjoyed it, and would recommend it if you have read the other books in this series! I rate it 3 out of 5 stars, because it was pretty good, but not the best.

 Would you guys like to see more book reviews on here in the future? Have a wonderful day my friends!


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The Penderwicks At Last



17 thoughts on “The Penderwicks At Last {Book Review}

    1. That sounds like fun, but no unfortunately I have other camps all of July and can’t do it, sorry. I hope you will find a lot of great cabin mates!!! Good luck with your story as well! 😀

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  1. Yes! I totally agree with your review! I really wish she hadn’t skipped the wedding too! And the Little Women plot was disappointing! When I was reading it, Lydia seemed kind of off, and you really nailed it in the sense that she seemed immature! I totally agree. Just wonding, which Penderwick book is your favorite? Also why did you ship Batty and Jeffery? I always shipped Skye and Jeffery. Amazing review! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. #penderwickfans Well, when I read that the Penderwick series sort of supposed to be like Little Women, I figured that the author wouldn’t put Skye and Jeffery together. Besides I think Batty and Jeffery together is cute. XD
      Probably my favorite Penderwick book is The Penderwicks on Gardam Street!

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  2. Hi, actually, I consider the relationship between Batty and Jeffrey as Beth and Mr. Laurence. That’s why I never expected them as a couple. I could see Jane and Skye as a mixture of Amy and Jo. And Dusek is no Bhaer for me. Did anyone realize that Skye returns like Amy as a bride in a chapter called “Surprises”?
    For me, Skye and Jeffrey would be the Little Women plot because Jeffrey started the friendship first with Jane (as Jo).
    And I thought that Pearson would be also Laurie, the Laurie who is turned down.
    By the way, The Penderwicks on Gardam Street is also my favorite book. And because Jane is my favorite character and I spent so much time with figuring out, who could be the love interest for Jane, I’m very, very disappointed. I’m rereading Birdsall’s book all the time just to find a hint for Jane’s future. I’m also considering Wesley because he’s the only remaining possible character in the book. Jane writes in the end a romance with a painter and Wesley predicts Jane’s success (and then she can marry!).
    As long as I can’t hope for Jane, I won’t be able to enjoy the book. In 7-8 years, Batty will marry Jeffrey, Lydia will see Mrs. Tifton again (a hint for Arundel!), also Jack (she’ll be 19 years like Batty!), and Jane could join in a surprising double wedding. I wrote a fanfic, but I think I’ll work more on the Wesley idea. I could also imagine Artie (Jane’s old school friend…could happen similar to Birdsall’s own life) or Pearson (Little Women purposes). But those aren’t mentioned and somebody someday isn’t satisfying. I was always expecting Jane and Jeffrey, and I did ship Skye and Jeffrey mostly because of my Little Women theory and because Skye seemed rather hate marriage than Jeffrey.
    Actually, I still can’t see Batty as Amy. I know I’m quite alone with my theory, but in the first three books are so many similarities between Batty and Beth.
    What do you think? This book is having me anxious for sixth months and I can’t rest until the case is settled. Birdsall doesn’t answer fan letters.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! 🙂 I agree that I can’t see Batty as Amy! I think that something like that could happen with Jane, because I know that one day she’ll get married. I don’t really see the whole Wesley thing happening though. I think the book was trying to portray that he had to learn to accept. Even though I was disappointed with this book, I still liked it and thought it was a lot like real life! AND YES #BATTY+JEFFERY4EVER! XD


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