{Defining My Style} // Fall Outfit Ideas

Hey guys! A few weeks ago I asked my email list subscribers to help me define my style in 3 words! (thanks to all who participated) Today I’m excited to share what they thought – and also what I think! I’ll also be including some of my favorite fall outfits, and linking to where I bought them! 😀

So first, I’ll show you the picture I shared with my email list originally + what they said.

Untitled design (17)

And here is what they said:

“Comfy Chic”

“Beautiful Jeans Lover”

“Classic, Cozy, Modest”

“Colorful, Cheery, Chick”

“Relaxed, Pretty, Country”

“Cute, Fun, Neat”

“Cute Simple Comfy”

Thank you guys so much! Here is a little shout-out to all those who participated.








Here is how I would describe my fashion style – in three words:

Classy, Chic, Casual.

Also, I don’t wear my hair in a messy bun every day – that was just a bad hair week. XD

So, let’s see where I got some of those clothes.IMG_1598


Pants: (similar)


I’m wearing the same outfit as above, just with a coat, that I can’t remember where I bought. XD


Shirt: Thrift Store. (even though I’m not usually a thrift shopper. XD)


Shoes: I got them at Kohls, but I can’t find the link anywhere.


Sweatshirt: I think Walmart actually, which is surprising, since I never get my clothes from there. XD

Jeans: Same as above.

Excuse the fact that I was to lazy to put on shoes before taking this picture. 🤣

Oh, and that’s another thing, I figured out how to use Emoji’s other than just smiley faces in Chrome. Just right click like you were checking the spelling of something, and it just says, Emoji’s. Click on the word and there your emoji’s are. 😍👌

I hope you guys enjoyed this, and that it was at least a little inspiring! 

Have a wonderful week!


P.S. Has anyone else started listening to Christmas music yet. not me

Here is one of my favorites so far this year: 😀


65 thoughts on “{Defining My Style} // Fall Outfit Ideas

  1. Sooo cute, my favorite one is the owl sweater and jeans omw it’s so cute and it looks super comfy 😁 YEEE i didn’t know how to use emojis tysm 😂 *raises hand* I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT CHRISTMAS soo november 23rd I’ll be pullin stuff out and turnin on the music 😉 Have a great week Hannah!

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