-The Blog-

I started this blog in November of 2016 for school. I literally had no idea of coming this far. I have come to love blogging and it is now (along with photography) one of my main hobbies. One day I will start a self-hosted lifestyle blog, but for the present I hope to be blogging here at Crafts of all Seasons for another year or so. I typically post twice a week and I try to alternate between lifestyle/photography posts and art/crafts/DIY posts. I hope you enjoy looking around and if you like what you see don’t forget to follow!

-The Blogger-

H 1

I’m Hannah, the artist, designer, photographer, writer, homeschooler and Christian that runs this blog!

I was born to inspire creativity. My life’s goal is to inspire others to be creative and use their God-given talents for His good. That being said I’m a Catholic Christian — a daughter of the one true king!


I have been creating ever since I could remember. When I was little my dad and I used to make paper plate clocks, I still remember those days. πŸ™‚ Now I love making DIY projects, Artist Trading Cards, and a variety of other things!

I’m a dreamer and I love dreaming of the future, and about unrealistic things. Maybe this is where I get ideas and inspiration for my writing, who knows!


I have loved photography for a long time. When I was 8 I was given the opportunity to visit New York City, I was given a small old camera to take pictures and my love of photography sparked. I now use the Canon Rebel T6 and have a photography siteΒ here.


I’m currently in the process of writing a novel, and have written other short stories! I’m also an avid reader and often find myself up late with an interesting book!

I love listening to music. A few of my favorite artists/ bands are: TobyMac, Hillsong, Hollyn, Mercy Me, and Mandisa!

I also love Fashion and Home DΓ©cor, hence my dream of owning a clothing and home dΓ©cor brand. I think it’s really fun to get ideas and personalize them in a creative way! πŸ™‚

I’m a very determined person and believe that if put my heart into something then I will eventually succeed.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about me, and will enjoy my blog! I always love hearing from you, so don’t hesitate toΒ Contact Me or chat with me in the comments!

Have a wonderful day my friends!



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    1. Hi Gracie, no I don’t have Pinterest, I believe you are supposed to be 13 to have it, so I will hopefully get it this summer! Thanks for commenting!


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