Recent Happenings #3

Hello friends! How has your summer been so far? Mine has been wonderful, but at the same time super crazy busy, and filled with camps, crafts, and campfires! XD Today I thought it’d be fun to share some of those crazily fun adventures + some other things with you!

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….. {little things} …..

How often is it that we look at something and say it is simply beautiful? In a world where TV, video games, friends, and many other things take over the simplicity of what God has given us. Imagine that you could receive one of two gifts:
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4th of July Adventures!

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful summer! Today I’m excited to be sharing some photos from my 4th of July adventures, as well as from a camping trip (which was over the 4th of July weekend, so I suppose that counts 😛 ) I had so much fun taking these photos, and despite the fact that they took forever to upload and edit, this post is going super fun! (and satisfying)

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Wrapping Up June!

Hello friends! June has literally just flown by, I mean I can’t believe it’s almost July! Where has summer gone? Ahem, today (it is the 29th of June after all) I thought it would only be appropriate to wrap up June with some favorites, photos, updates and more!

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DIY Dried Rose Petals {New and Updated}

Hello everyone! The roses are in full bloom, and it is hot! XD Today I’ll be showing you a few super easy tips for drying roses! Let’s get started!

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Recent Happenings #2

Hello my friends! I haven’t done a Recent Happenings post in like forever (where does time go) so I have quite a bit to share with you all today! (Warning: It’s going to be a long post) That includes some random life things, my wreck this journal, awards and more! Let’s get started!

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Favorites From SIL Photography Challenge!

Hello everyone! You probably remember the Springing Into Life Photography Challenge I did recently. And I asked the participants if they would like to see some of my favorite photos from the contest! They all said yes, so here we are!

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May {wrapping up this month}

Hello everyone! Can you believe that it’s almost June? I certainly cannot! Today I’ll be wrapping up May and posting some goals for June!

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SIL Photography Challenge #3

**Update** For some weird reason the comments weren’t on for this post! It’s now fixed. Sorry everyone!

Hello again everyone and welcome to another SIL Photography Challenge post! 🙂 I loved all you guys’ photos, I especially loved the unique ones!

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April Wrap-Up



Ahem, since today is the 30th of April I thought it would only be appropriate to post this month’s wrap up post. And on top of all that, I’ll be listing some goals for May! Let’s get started!

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SIL Photography Challenge #2

Hey everyone! Time for the next category! You guys’ pictures were all so great it was fun to grade them all 🙂

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SIL Photography Challenge Category #1 + Teams

First of all I just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who entered! You guys are totally the best! 🙂 And I know you guys want to see what teams you got on and what the first category is so without further ado………………

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{My New Photography Blog}

YESSSSS!!! I’m so excited to finally be announcing this, (even though a few of you have already seen it). So you’re probably wondering what this is about anyway. Ahem, I started  Continue reading “{My New Photography Blog}”

Springing Into Life – Photography Challenge

Ahh! I’m so excited for this post! It is finally time for Springing Into Life Photography Challenge! It’s taking me a few weeks to prepare, but all the effort has been worth it!!!! Now with out further ado, I present Springing Into Life Photography Challenge!

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Recent Happenings #1

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to start a new “Random Post” series called Recent Happenings because so many things have been going on, and I have all these post ideas, yet not enough time to do them! So, instead of a ton of short posts, you get one long one! Let’s get started!

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