Watercolor Seashells

Welcome to this week’s weekly craft! I know many of my lovely readers have been to the beach this summer, and you may want something to do with all of those pretty shells just sitting around!

Skill level: 1

You will need:

  • Seashells (preferably the white ones)
  • Mod-Podge
  • Watercolor paints (I just used cheap ones from Walmart)
  • Paintbrush
  • Foam brush

Lets make it!

  1. Wash and dry your seashells to remove any sand or dirt, if you don’t like the smell of your seashells then after washing them drop them into a bucket filled with bleach. Wash and dry them again after wards
  2. Set up a nice workspace and begin to paint the shells


3.  Let the shells dry completely.

4. After the shells are dry paint the top of them with Mod- Podge


You will need to rinse out the brush after painting each shell, because the shells still have paint on them that could rub off.

5. Once the shells are dry from their first coat paint them again with Mod-Podge. Paint the entire shell, not just the top. Let dry.

Here are some pics of my finished painted shells!


Shells drying


How lovely is that?


Oooo! I just love the color!


Hmmm, I love how that looks like a sandy beach with lovely water!


This one looks like it belongs in a fairy garden!


I love how this reminds me of a huge mountain!

I hope you enjoyed! You could paint on some outdoor Mod-Podge and use these in your garden!

Comment questions:
  • Which was your favorite finished Seashell?
  • Do you have any shells just sitting around?








Hoping for 100 followers by Christmas!

Another random, post!

So I have a goal! I want to try to get 100 followers by Christmas! Yes it is a HUGE goal, and I will need YOUR HELP TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!

So TELL THE WORLD! Once I get 100 followers I will be doing a big GIVEAWAY! (this one I will make easier to enter)

Before Christmas, After Christmas, or Christmas day— Whenever I have 100 followers the giveaway will start!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Just wanted to let you know…….

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I will be gone tomorrow, I have a scheduled post, remember to like follow and comment! I will be with you Sunday!

My Cousins’ blog!

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to introduce you to my cousin Christy’s blog! (I think I should call this week “cousins week”)

Right now she is doing mission work in Belize and starting a school there for children!

Please check out her blog!

The Black Orchid Montessorian

Thank You! Happy Friday


Also, I am thinking about creating an award! It would be something like:

  1. The crafty blog award
  2. The craftily awesome blog award
  3. The creative and fun blog award

Which one do you like best?? Tell me in the comments

Samantha’s School Set

Hello everyone!

To understand about this you need to know the story:

A few years ago my older cousins Sarah and Stephanie gave my sister and I American Girl Dolls. I got Samantha, and my sister got Caroline. I still have Samantha and my sister still has Caroline. (I will show you a pic of Samantha next week)

So anyway, my Grandma found a small what looked like a mini old-fashioned school set in her one of her bedrooms where cousins, and other family can stay when they are traveling or visiting.

It turned out to be that Sarah had forgot to give me that school set for my doll Samantha.

Interesting story right?!

This school set is from before Samantha was retired so it is very special to me!

I wanted to show it to you:

Isn’t it just so cute!

Here is a gallery of all of the items in the set!


Which is the best plant? Winner!

Hello everyone! Today I will announce your favorite picture and my personal favorite picture.

By the way here is the original post Which is the best plant?

Here is your favorite:


And the above one is my favorite!

Thank you to all who participated!

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First Weekly Craft!

Hello everyone! Today I will be sharing with you a fun idea about how to make little charms! (I got this idea from kelleysdiy)

Anyway, I really liked this idea and decided to try it out!

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