Opera cakes, pictures and polymer clay!

Hello everyone! (hey I’m finally getting better at making titles) So this is basically 3 short posts combined into 1 long post! Read More »


Paint and Pens #10

Hello everyone! Wow I can’t believe that this is the tenth Paint and Pens episode! Today we are going to be makingRead More »

My Artist Trading Cards + Storage and Tips

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to show everyone all of my artist trading cards and some tips on keeping your cards nice and protected!

So firstRead More »

Review of Samantha’s Nightgown!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first AG review! I would do more reviews, but I don’t have a ton of AG stuff. Mostly I make new outfits for my dolls or buy them from less expensive company’s. (I do have a lot of GOTY Grace stuff, but since she is retired it would do no good to post a review)

Anyway,Read More »

Paint and Pens #8


Hello everyone! Welcome to another Paint and Pens episode! Today we will be making some super cuteRead More »

Which is the best Picture? #1

Hello everyone! So I have decided to do this really fun photography thing! You all may remember Which is the best plant? or Which is the best flower?? that I did a few months ago! This time I am going to pick 5 photo’s that basically have the same theme and every few weeks or so I will post the winner with the new category! Confused? Well basically all you have to do is watch out for these type posts and don’t forget to vote! Easy, right?Read More »

American Girl Clothing DIY’s!!!

Hello everyone! I have had a few requests for this post and it has taken me a while to get up, so I decided to skip Paint and Pens and do this instead!

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September Recap

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to a recap on September! I thought it would be fun considering that September along with May are my favorite months!Read More »

Random Post #2

Hello everyone! Welcome to a very very random post! I like doing random posts because I can cover just about any subject in 1 post!Read More »

Fashionable Grace – A Photoshoot!

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to show you some neat pictures I took of Grace! I think they turned out so cool!Read More »

My Life in Words Blog Tour!

Hello everyone! I have never really done a post like this before but today I wanted to give a promotion to Anya @ My Life in Words!Read More »

The Kindness rock project!

Hello everyone! I recently saw a blog post on https://kelleysdiy.com talking about kindness rocks. Basically, these are simple rocks (or little notes) that you paint a symbol (or draw one) (such as a heart for love) then hide throughout your neighborhood/town/community. Read More »