Party Planning

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the party planning page of my blog! Here you can find fun party ideas and games, tips and tricks for your party, and you can contact me with any questions!

There are a few steps to making your party a success:

First you need to decide what kind of party you will have. Here are some theme ideas:

  • Cowgirl
  • Disney Character
  • Paris!
  • American Girl Doll
  • Animals
  • Outdoor survival
  • Emoji’s
  • Holiday
  • Birthday (of course)
  • Your favorite book (I did a Little Women tea one time)
  • Sports

You get the idea, you can choose basically any theme you want, remember to try to keep the games, food, and other activity’s part of your theme!


Another thing to think about is the time of the party here is a pdf that I designed to help you figure out what time to do your party.

Make sure also to choose a day when most of your guests can come. Saturdays work best for day parties but Friday Night is good for sleepovers and evening parties (such as bowling)


After you have figured out your theme and time you need to choose a place to have your party here are some ideas:

  • Your backyard
  • Your basement (if it is nice)
  • You house (in general)
  • The fair
  • A bowling alley or a gymnastics place
  • A park
  • The city pool

Personally I think that at-home party’s are best– You get to spend more time with your friends!


The next step is to figure out who you will invite. Here are some tips:

  • Invite the kids that are your friends! Cousins, neighbors, friends in your homeschool group or at school.
  • Invite kids that are in your age range, this is typically best unless you are having a party in which an entire family would be invited.
  • Try to invite a group of people, such as your whole Volleyball team or your Girl Scout Troup. This makes sure that no one will feel left out.



Another thing you need to decide when inviting guests is how many to invite here are some ideas:

  • A tea for two
  • Your Volleyball team
  • 3-4 guests for a tea
  • A birthday party for 10 guests
  • A sleepover with 2-5 guests

You can do other combos of people too, just make sure that everyone is comfortable around everyone and that you are all friends!

After this you need to either make or buy invitations. (I can make your invitations for you if you contact me below)

Making invitations is fun! Here is a template that you can view and download. You can use this for making your invites! (I designed it so please only use it for home printing)


The next step is food. Remember to incorporate your theme whenever possible. Steer clear of any foods that you know your guests are allergic to, not only is this polite but a guest may not know that a certain food has something they are allergic to in it and they could eat it, and yes, that would be bad.

Here are some popular party foods:

  • Ice cream
  • Pizza
  • Cake
  • Candy
  • Sandwiches
  • Corn chips and Salsa
  • Chex Mix

Remember! You don’t have to include any of the food above, or you could include all of it. Try to stick with your theme when choosing food.


Now it is time to plan activity’s! Activities make the party fun! Remember to have fun Prizes for the winners! (I like to do a little take-home bag for each guest, this way no one feels left out)

Here are some easy party games (you could do variations to fit your theme, Musical Ponies might be fun)

Try to think of games that fit your guests’ age range! Everyone will have fun this way!

  • Crafts (their are a TON of craft ideas on this blog)
  • Games (Pinterest has some great ideas)
  • Acting out a simple skit
  • Reading a short book
  • Watching a movie


Thank You for reading I hope you enjoyed the ideas and I hope they were a help!

I can help YOU plan YOUR party! Just fill out the contact info below, (which goes straight to my inbox) and I will reply as soon as possible! Also all you readers that don’t have a Account can still do this just fill out the info below!



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Thank You!