Every Summer Morning {Garden Tour}

Hello friends! I feel like I’m finally getting into posting again, and actually wanting to post and feeling inspired to post, which as you might know is a wonderful feeling! Ahem, today I’m going to share something that I’ve been wanting to share for a while now: My Garden.

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Hello everyone! Recently I was nominated for a few awards so I decided to put them together into 1 long post!

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Photography in Fall

Hello everyone! Recently I have been taking quite a bit of photos! (isn’t fall so pretty) And I wanted to share them with you.  Continue reading “Photography in Fall”

Paint and Pens #10

Hello everyone! Wow I can’t believe that this is the tenth Paint and Pens episode! Today we are going to be making Continue reading “Paint and Pens #10”

Paint and Pens #8


Hello everyone! Welcome to another Paint and Pens episode! Today we will be making some super cute Continue reading “Paint and Pens #8”

September Recap

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to a recap on September! I thought it would be fun considering that September along with May are my favorite months! Continue reading “September Recap”